Steve Richards serves as senior pastor of Messiah United Methodist Church in Plymouth, Minnesota.  For the months of June and July 2014, he is on a renewal leave to experience life in other parts of the world and to listen for God’s direction. This blog is his effort to share his experiences and insights with the hope that others will find inspiration. May his words prompt the Spirit of God to be at work in you. To the end that is possible, this blog will have served a great purpose.

In much earlier posts from 2012, you will find reflections from a year’s journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. His current 2014 journey is of another sort but will still seek connections through scripture. Blessings to you as we journey together.

3 Responses to About

  1. Roger Kirchner says:

    After a slow start, I’ve caught up through today. How fast the new year starts!
    Safe journey for all.

  2. Fred Hegele says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve. I hope your special birthday in Kenya is blessed from start to finish. God bless,

    • pastorsteverichards says:

      Thank you for the greeting. My birthday will be spent with the moms and children of Heshima in Nairobi. It seems like a perfect place for a birthday. My assignment will be to meet with each staff person, hear their prayer needs, and pray with them. I plan to anoint each one with oil and leave them with a small cross. On Tuesday, I will offer a message of encouragement. Amanda will be doing music therapy. We are excited to renew this connection with Tracey Hagman. As Tuesday is our day to pray for each other, please pray for the children of Heshima and that we will be open to whatever God shows us.

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