January 5 – The team has landed

Jambo! Our team arrived in Nairobi about 9:00 p.m. Kenya time (a nine hour time difference). Ready for a good night’s sleep. We were quite a sight with twenty-four large suitcases (twelve of them filled with supplies for Light of Hope) and an equal number of carry on bags. This is my second trip to Kenya. Arriving feels more like returning and renewing my memories of all that I experienced two years ago. It is already causing me to look at things in a way that I should understand better in the coming days. I am now awake after a few hours of sleep. We leave soon for the Massai Mara. Since several people are traveling to Kenya for the first time, we will take a short trip to experience the wonders of a safari before going to Light of Hope on Saturday. I don’t anticipate having Internet access again until Saturday night or Sunday.

Today’s readings: Genesis 12-14 & Luke 5

I often wonder if Abram was the first to be called or the first to say yes. His yes set a faith in motion that reaches out to me today. Am I listening? Where is God calling me to go? I’m here in Kenya, and we have an itinerary that we will follow. But am I prepared to go and to do what God calls even when God’s destination for me is not on the itinerary and has not yet been revealed to me?

A 75-year-old man heard a call and was promised a great nation of descendants. Problem was he was married to a post-menopausal woman, and they had no children. We are not told that faith will be easy. Abram and Sarai go to only God knows where. Then in Luke, Jesus calls. First he shows fishermen who he is, and they leave behind the lives they have known to go to only God knows where. What happens from here (with Abram and Sarai, with the disciples, with me): is it too good to be true or too good not to be true?

Luke 5:26 – “We have seen remarkable things today.”

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2 Responses to January 5 – The team has landed

  1. David and Dianne Moore says:

    Hi Steve,
    Genesis 19 has always troubled me. I am not sure what I am to learn from Lot when he offered his 2 daughters to the crowd and when they got him drunk and slept with him. Are we to believe this actually happened or are they parables trying to explain something?

    • pastorsteverichards says:

      David –
      I just posted a note about this. Did it happen? I have no reason to believe it did not. Such horrible acts happen in this world. We are learning something about how even those who appear righteous have the propensity to do great harm. The reason I chose this particular reading program is that at the same time that we read this story, we also read from Luke and see the redemptive power of Christ.


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