February 24: believe (Numbers 14-16; Mark 3)

What do we believe? Either the people would believe that God is the God he says he is and then they will stand on the promise of a new land OR God is a fraud and it is Moses who is to blame for bringing them to a new land that They believe is impossible to enter. There is no middle way. Either God is or God is not.

So what is the unforgiveable sin in Mark 3:29? Jesus’ critics had painted themselves into a corner by labeling Jesus’ work as the work of Satan. Here’s what New Testament scholar, N. T. Wright says about this verse: “It’s like holding a conspiracy theory – all the evidence you see will simply confirm your belief. You will be blind to the truth. It isn’t that God gets specially angry with one sin in particular. It’s rather that if you decide firmly that the doctor who is offering to perform a life-saving operation on you is in fact a sadistic murderer, you will never give your consent to the operation.”

There is no middle way. Either Jesus is the one who brought the kingdom of God or a dangerous madman. What do you believe? What you believe will determine whom you follow and how you live.

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