February 27: God uses (Numbers 21-23; Mark 6-7)

[If you have been following this blog, you are seeing a pattern emerge that indicates something about my schedule. Sundays are typically a day when I do not get a reflection posted. Mondays tend to be a morning when my posting comes later. You could say this has something to do with my Sunday schedule  – and you would be right!]

Don’t underestimate what God can do or whom God can use to accomplish God’s purpose. One of the more amazing stories in the Bible is what we read in Numbers about Balaam and his donkey. Pet lovers will love this story. God speaks through a donkey. God speaks to and through Balaam who is not even a believer in the LORD (Yahweh).

In the readings from Mark, demons are the first to recognize who Jesus really is. Evil or darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. When and where evil is threatened, evil surfaces – but cannot overcome the power of Christ. But then this ugly story of the death of John the Baptist. Evil appears to triumph. But it only appears that way. The kingdom of which John had spoken and the forgiveness that he offered, would be the reality that would triumph. We read the stories in Mark 6-7. Nothing stops the presence and power of God’s kingdom breaking into the world – not hunger (Mark 6:30-44), not fear (Mark 6:45-56), not human laws (Mark 7:1-23).

Follow Jesus and what lies ahead is not a boring life of conventional religion, but things happening that will astonish. And as with the man deaf and mute who is healed: if I’m still too deaf to hear what Jesus is saying, the problem is with me and not the message.

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