May 9: overwhelmed? (2 Samuel 17; Psalm 71; Matthew 26)

We all know the experience of being overwhelmed. We are facing a deadline with too much to do and not enough time to do it. We are in the midst of a task or a responsibility that suddenly feels far greater than our ability to succeed. Or, the circumstances of life are beyond our ability to cope – be it a relationship, unemployment, or a health crisis. Or maybe it is someone in your life who is continually taunting you, attacking your integrity, maybe even lying about you. Maybe you are overwhelmed at this very moment, seeking something that could give you reason to hope.

I don’t know how our experiences to compare to what David and Jesus were facing. David’s son, Absolom, had taken possession of the capitol city of Jerusalem and everything that once belonged to David, and now an army of 12,000 was ready to attack and kill David. In Matthew 26, Jesus was annointed with expensive perfume, an act that represented two things: his annointing as King Jesus, the Messiah; and his  annointing in preparation for burial. What lie ahead for Jesus would be excruciatingly painful, and within 24 hours he would be dead. Both David and Jesus were facing what would seem overwhelming.

Some people in the face of overwhelming challenge fall to pieces, others facing the same circumstances get stronger. Many of the challenges that we face cannot be removed. We cannot walk away or hide. But we can always get through them. How did David and Jesus get through and get stronger? They had a Rock of Refuge. That same Rock, the power and the presence of the One greater than this world is ready to be your Rock of Refuge.

Be my rock of refuge to which I can always go… I will always have hope. (Psalm 71)

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