May 18: a discerning heart (1 Kings 3; 2 Chronicles 1; Psalm 78; 2 Thessalonians 2)

Why didn’t I think of that? If you could have anything, anything you could ever hope for, what would it be? God said to Solomon, “Ask me for whatever you want.” Isn’t that also what Jesus would teach? “Ask and it will be given to you.” Solomon was twenty years old and the king of Israel. When I was twenty, what I wanted more than anything else was a car, and I’m afraid that if God told me to ask for whatever you want, I would have asked for a car. In that moment it would have seemed the right thing, but then I wasn’t thinking big enough. Even wealth and power was not big enough. Solomon asked for “a discerning heart”. I’ve asked for that but not until I had experienced the consequences of acting without a discerning heart, without wisdom.

The very next story in 1 Kings provides proof that God delivered on God’s promise. Or, did Solomon already have wisdom to be able to ask for it (instead of a brand spanking new chariot).

What are you asking for? Is your ask big enough for God?

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