June 4: It’s personal

Romans 16 reminds us that this letter from Paul was personal. It was not a letter intended for the ages to articulate theology for Christians 2000 years later. It does help with that, but this was a personal letter to a small group of new Christians. This was a movement, and to be part of such a movement must have been exhilating and exhausting. But God had done something extraordinary – something life-changing – in Jesus Christ. The promises of scripture had been fulfilled and they were living in a new world. They needed each other and needed to be reminding each other that they were part of the same family whose faith and love would prevail.

I wonder what we could learn from them. Have we lost the fervor of a movement that could transform the world? I had a seminary professor who reminded us to never forget what it was like when you first believed.

“…to the only wise God be glory forevver through Jesus Christ! Amen.” (vs 27)

Today’s readings: Proverbs 28-29; Psalm 60; Romans 16

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