June 14: my heart

When I was in college, I read a tract titled “My Heart Christ’s Home”. I’ve never forgotten its message. As we begin our spiritual walk, we welcome Christ into our hearts. As we grow in our spiritual walk, we allow Christ to permeate all aspects of our heart until our hearts belong to Christ. The final sentence from the tract: “Things are different since Jesus Christ has settled down and has made his home in my heart.”

I recalled that message as I read from the Old Testament how one king had a heart for God and another did not. The effectiveness of the king was determined by where his heart was focused. If focused on himself, there would be a disasterous outcome for the nation. If focused on God, there would be peace and prosperity for the nation. King David remained the standard bearer as the man “after God’s own heart”. (Acts 13:22)

How fully have you let God into your heart? Philippians is Paul’s gospel of joy. What is joy? In chapter 3:11, he writes “to be content whatever the circumstances.” As I said to someone last evening who is facing very difficult circumstances, “we don’t always get the answer that we want when we want it, but we always get God.” To know that my heart belongs to God is not necessarily easy (I won’t always get what I want when I want), but it is the secret to a life of contentment and joy.

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