July 6: Today

What is it that gets done today, because it can’t wait until tomorrow? Those tasks where there is a deadline of today. A sale price that expires today. Those things that could be delayed but are tasks we like to do. The crises. The emergencies. The immediate.

I have a set of tires on my car that could be replaced. Up until a week ago, I would have said “should” be replaced. The tread is gone in places. The sort of condition that if the tires belonged to my daughter’s car I would replace in an instant. But two weeks ago, I had the oil changed and the note from the mechanic recommended that the tires be replaced before winter. I guess I have time! Especially if in this ever warmer climate, winter doesn’t come until January. I’ll do something else today – unless I have a flat tire… or worse.

There may be something TODAY that if I don’t do it TODAY will be a source of regret tomorrow. But do we know what that is?

Israel had forgotten the ways of God decades earlier. There had been no consequence. God had been there to help if and when there was a crisis. All the while, the people moved further and further from a God who through the prophet Hosea pleads and cries for a relationship. Until finally in Hosea 9:17, the words “my God will reject them” indicate it is now too late. God was no longer Israel’s God. Where would that leave me if God was no longer my God? The time when I should have done what I could have done that would secure my eternity and a legacy for my grandchildren had passed.

In Hebrews, it is one word that caught my attention – literally grabbed hold of me “TODAY” (Hebrews 3:7). Today…

What am I not doing today that I should do – that I have delayed doing, thinking I will do it when I have time? Have I avoided doing because it seems too hard or I don’t know if I’m ready? Is it forgiveness? Is it reaching out to someone? Is it caring for my soul? If it would also contribute to a relationship with God, why not do it today.

Today’s readings: Hosea 6-9; Hebrews 3

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