August 17: testimony

The man who saw it has given testimony and his testimony is true. (John 19:35)

Some suggest the man was John, author of this. Regardless of whether it was John or someone else, this sentence was included to make one thing clear. Jesus was crucified, and he was dead. Then as now, there would be many who questioned whether Jesus really died. Maybe it only seemed that way. Or when he appeared to his disciples, they would say it was a ghost or their imagination. Or some greater conspiracy. Today, there would be documentaries purporting this theory or that. Was Jesus’ death real? Was he dead?

John’s account was an eyewitness testimony – and to be sure a soldier pierced Jesus’ side, “bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.” He was dead already, but to be sure.

It was real, bringing real deliverance for you and me. Today, we read the testimony. But I don’t need to wonder if it’s real, because I know what I have experienced is real. Deliverance from sin. And now I have a testimony to share of what Christ has done for me.

Today’s readings: Jeremiah 233, 25; John 19

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