January 27: beautiful (Exodus 17-20; Acts3)

Perhaps it is because I am working on a message on prayer for Sunday, but as I was reading today’s scripture, I paused and wrote Exodus 17:6 in my journal. God said to Moses, I will stand there before you. Moses had a very personal relationship with God. The scripture reads like a constant conversation between them. Moses was able to see and to know God when the people cannot see. Moses experienced the power of this relationship when in chapter 17 they face of a threat from the Amelekites, Moses raised his arms to God. Moses received what only God could provide, and when his arms grew tired others came alongside to lift up his arms – to help Moses maintain his connection with God.

Then in Acts, a lame man was healed. How? Peter said, by faith in the name of Jesus. Peter and John came alongside a lame man and lifted him up. Was it just coincidental that this happened at the gate called Beautiful?

Whenever we make the connection and help another make the connection with God by faith in the name of Jesus, it is Beautiful.

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