January 28: boldness (Exodus 21-22; Psalm 12; Acts 4)

One of the things that happens in reading through the entire Bible is that we end up reading certain passages that we otherwise would never read. For example, the list of laws in Exodus that seem odd with punishments that appear brutal (what parent hasn’t wished there would be some consequence to a child’s swearing – but not death!). Sadly, the people who were now free needed laws to establish community. I say sadly, because the need for laws is an indication of our brokenness and propensity to put ourselves first. Before dismissing the laws listed in Exodus, it is helpful to look for principles behind the laws which can point to truths that still apply today (i.e. respecting parents and parents being worthy of respect).

Psalm 12 may give voice to our own frustration in a broken world when it seems no one is faithful anymore. Yet, God is faithful. And that’s what Peter and John give us in Acts 4, the courage to live boldly through the name of Jesus.

Last June, we distributed “Be Bold” wrist bands. Enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus. This prayer was answered time after time in the book of Acts. And two thousand years later, as I pray this same prayer, I’ve discovered that God remains faithful to answer my prayer for boldness. Give me the wisdom and the courage to Be Bold!

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