January 30: momentum (Exodus 25-27; Acts 6)

Have you ever been part of a movement that felt unstoppable? Maybe a political campaign or an effort to reform a business practice or maybe you were so in love with someone that it felt like being together was destiny? I’m not sure that what we read in scripture is exactly like any of these, but if you have ever been part of some movement that felt greater than yourself you have a taste of what the scripture describes.

In yesterday’s readings, we find the movement of God’s people has momentum. In Exodus, God makes it clear that no one will stand in the way of God’s chosen people inhabiting the Promised Land. God makes a covenant. God promises. And in Acts, there are dire consequences for anyone who would knowingly or unknowingly thwart the momentum. In Acts 5:39, If it is from God, you will not be able to stop… Have you ever felt like you were fighting against God’s purposes? There are times when what I want is not happening. At such times, it is good to consider whether I am unknowingly resisting God’s purposes.

And then today’s readings. In Exodus, we read detailed descriptions of the Tabernacle – God’s dwelling place. Even today, our places of worship are filled with symbolism. Such symbolism attempts to make the attributes of the invisible God visible and present. And in Acts, conflict arises, even in the early church! But the momentum of this movement will not be thwarted.

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