October 4: Hallelujah

I cannot say the word hallelujah without doing what the word means. The last three letters of the word form the first three letters of the Hebrew name for God. Hallelujah means praise the Lord, and just by saying the word that’s what I do.

This morning, I began with the words of Psalm 150. It is the great hallelujah. We are reminded where to hallelujah, why hallelujah, how to hallelujah, and who hallelujahs. That final phrase: “let everthing that has breath” hallelujah. Yesterday, walking to the car there was a bird singing what sounded like a very cheerful song from the top of a light pole. I suppose other birds immediately understood the significance of that song. As I read Psalm 150, so do I – “sing hallelujah, Steve”.

Others have taught me the importance of beginning my day, grateful for life and giving thanks. Even the least significant detail of life can give cause to sing praise. Why even a bird on a light pole could be the reason. And if you can’t sing, I am reminded of the words of a school girl from my visit to Kenya last winter. She said, “If you can’t sing, then dance.”

Today is the day! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. And if you can’t sing, then dance!

Today’s readings: Esther 1-2; Psalm 150; Luke 17

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