October 8: drowning

We have a daughter who is afraid of the water. When she was a child, she unknowingly stepped into the deep end of a swimming pool and began to drown. This was a hotel pool without a lifeguard, and if I had not been nearby to rescue her, she would have drowned. She has never forgotten the experience and repeated efforts with a swimming teacher have not yet helped her to overcome her fear of drowning. I have never had her experience, but I have been pushed under the water by another person. To be under water and out of control: the fear of drowning is real.

In Ezra 9:6, I hear these words: “our sins are higher than our heads”. On our own, we are drowning. But, “in spite of this there is still hope”. (Ezra 10:2) Then from Psalm 131: “My heart is not proud, LORD… put your hope in the LORD.” And from Luke 21:34 – “be careful or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life.”

I’m hearing a theme this morning. I’m listening, LORD! Don’t go into the water without a lifeguard, because I am not immune and I am not impervious to the hazzards. Sin is real. Thank God that God has offered a lifeguard – Jesus Christ, in whom I place my trust.

Today’s readings: Ezra 9-10; Psalm 131; Luke 21

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